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Expressing yourself—thoughts, ideas, and the like–is one of the best gifts Homo sapiens are endowed with. The exercise of expression lay a path to others and yourself to connect with innermost recesses of your soul.

Who would not want to paint those through words we write or speak.

Writing an engaging prose is a beautiful way to do so, but unarguably, a remarkably difficult endeavour. It needs constant learning about the language, its grammar, and the different ways to make it work to the best of your intentions. All this comes with experience. It is a long journey, indeed.

The Vedasri platform you are at the moment aims at taking you further in this writing journey.

If you wish to be a part of the journey, do not hesitate to connect. Let your thoughts flow in words; Create content that has limitless reach; Eventually, writing will break open many a prisons inside you, opening you to limitless opportunities.

Connect with us, write to us, or contact us to submit your work and get a remuneration beyond your thinking.

Discipline and perseverance are important in life. So is framework within which you can define the contours of your writing: hence, a few niceties and protocols.

  • We want original work. Ensure that the content that you send is created by you and owned by you, not copied in any way.
  • Ensure than you pen down your thoughts in grammatically correct English. Native fluency is preferable but not mandatory
  • We prefer American English and usage.
  • Do not let half-baked ideas or arguments ruin your work.
  • Research extensively to understand your topic. Know well about the intended audience and platform for which you are writing for.
  • Add value to the content. Choose your style and the angle apt for the content.
  • Attribute credit to other works you are referring to.
  • Ensure that facts and figures are from reputable sources. Their credibility is your credential. Hyperlink to these sources generously.
  • Try to bring fresh perspective. No reader wants to read for long if they get nothing new or nothing different.
  • Your writing may be edited for style and clarity.
  • Respect the timeline for submission.

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