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असतो मा सदगमय ॥ तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ॥ मृत्योर्मामृतम् गमय ॥

Santosh Kumar

Co-Founder and Managing Director

Santosh is a visionary. Human civilizations are after tangible entities–he is all for ideas whose time can come. Intellect and emotional intelligence are just a few ways to achieve this. He believes in lifting the veil of darkness through sharing of knowledge is what can make humans happy. He is interested in understanding various problems human civilizations have been struggling with since antiquity. Ideas and perspectives that may help solve these particularly intrigue him. Language, he believes, has been a powerful tool particularly Homo sapiens have endowed with to share thoughts, emotions, and ultimately wisdom.  

Words, be it written or spoken, each can have a profound impact on communication we do at each moment between us, and with our inner self. Written words, in its varied tone and tenor, can serve vast range of purposes: informing, engaging, and persuading readers, are just a few ends. Weaved carefully on a page or electronic medium with images and videos, words allow content developers carve a unique one-to-many relation onto any size of the audience. Pursued relentlessly, the change that contents can bring in their motives and actions can be extraordinary.

Intriguingly, modern technologies enabled by AI are becoming an integral part of future content development.  Writing has also kept pace, arguably. Different writing styles, no doubt, are part of content projection, but are nothing more than prison, concede experts.  Hence, to meet different ends at different points in time, styles should change as effortlessly as water absorbs the color to which it is poured into. Unarguably, what I believe is that the human intellect and wisdom—the human touch of creating content–can never lie outside the ‘heart’ of content. This is because as words are as imperfect or perfect as the readers or listener make out to be. Vedasri, I feel, can be a no-holds barred platform to help seekers uncover innermost recesses of their minds by being part of content creation and sharing, including writing. 

Email me: santosh@vedasri.co.in

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Prince Nayan

Co-Founder and CEO

Vision has no bound—certainly not limited by professional qualifications and age. Prince Nayan has been a technological maven since he started formal schooling.  Able to engineer machines and systems beyond the imagination of his peer group, he has boldly ventured into several untested terrain. His razor-sharp brain and perseverance have found a new avenue when he nursed the idea of developing a content platform in 2019. His incessant urge to create a difference in the technology world by leveraging software has him into several roles and responsibilities. These are the ones people at his age could merely dream of.

As the CEO of Vedasri, Prince has empowered employees to feel as if Vedasri is their initiative—a rare combination of wit and compassion. His competencies have had moved past several touchpoints between audiences and technology in real world, defining and redefining how the digital world empowers people and processes. Meanwhile, he has sharpened his people-oriented skills. Over the course of time, his proven mettle in communicating and collaborating among content creators, business partners, and clients has cemented the growth of Vedasri.

All this while, he has just scratched the surface. The team and the inherent opportunities in Vedasri are testimony to his efforts and patience! Wait for the fun part…The power of human engagement with the digital world will unfold new marvels. Just do not keep watching this space, be a part of this initiative.

Email me: ceo@vedasri.co.in

Rohit Sinha


Rohit has been fascinated by the power of language since his childhood. His fascination reached a new horizon when he got formal schooling English grammar and later its nuances in later stages. He has incessantly been exploring new ways of leveraging English and Hindi languages for understanding human emotions and interpersonal communication. His experience with content development is fairly recent–merely 10 years. He keeps honing his writing skills through expanding the understanding of natural grammar and linguistics on one hand, and improving his knowledge about varied subjects on the other hand. In his free time, he prefers immersing in appreciating the beauty of human communication in different media. Particularly the prevalent electronic media of the modern age keeps him engaged. He aspires to understand how content strategies are made, implemented, and harnessed in various organizations for branding and value creation. 

Email me: sinharohit@gmail.com