जब तू मिली थी मुझसे पहली बार I मैंने तारीफो की बना दी थी तेरी कहानिया हज़ार II एक दिया था तुझे लफ्जों का हूर I उसी वक़्त मैंने तारीफो में कहा था तुझे कोहिनूर II तू जीना सिखा रही थी मुझे I मैं मोहब्बत में मरने लग गया तुझपे II लत लगाली मैंने खुद […]


एक जरूरी ऐलान। नगर वासियों को सुचित किया जाता है कि आप के शहर में करोना घुस गया है आज तारिख से आप सभी अपने घरों में बंद हो जायं तथा मेन गेट पर एक बड़ा सा मजबूत ताला जड़ दें। । ऐसे तो करोना को पकड़ने के लिए पुलिस बल को तैनात किया गया […]

यह भी मा है

समाज में कुछ कहानी ऐसी घटित होती हैं जिससे मन उद्वेलित हो जाता है। जिस देश में माताएं अपने पुत्र को सुरक्षित रखने हेतु अपने सुहाग तक की भी बली चढ़ा देती थी उस देश में अब माता अपनी जिंदगी को खुशनुमा बनाने के लिए अपनी जाया से ऐसे मुंह मोड़ रही है जैसे कसाई […]

Wisdom Share LED TV (A Product By Bedanand technology Pvt. Ltd.)

Bedanand Technology Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of home appliances, in this blog we see about the range of LED television. Bedanand Technology Pvt. Ltd. has a wide range of LED TV and Wisdom Share is one of their product. Wisdom Share has a lot of features and fits in the budgets of every […]

Bedanand Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Bedanand Technology is the best Digital Marketing Company in Purnia providing interactive services which are specialized and digital focused. Services like Website Design and Development, Branding and Corporate Identity, SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Google AdWords, PPC, Mobile Application Development are the prime fascia of the company. More About Bedanand Technology Pvt. Ltd.  Being a digital […]

राजकुमारी नहीं, कलिंग कुमारी कहो

कहां है मेरे पिता का हत्यारा मगध सम्राट अशोक———कलिंग युद्ध में अचानक कलिंग दुर्ग का फाटक खुलता है , एक विरांगना घोड़े पर सवार होकर हाथ में कृपाण लिए सम्राट अशोक को ललकारती हुई आई। इस कथा को ढाई हजार साल हो गए। लोग आज भी उस विरांगना को भूल नहीं पाए हैं जिसने शक्तिशाली […]

A Confusing Factor

When we reached the morgue, I saw the police was already there. I asked Samrat- “police is already here then why would we came here?” He said- “to do the same which police is doing”. I said- “why would the police ask us to investigate?” He said with a great smile- “you will know it […]

Social Platforms: The Face of New-age Communication

Is the sight of rapid movement of fingers or blink of the eyes common? Mostly, in old time movies or fantasy comics. Purpose? To convey something. Or communicate as it is today known as. In the real-world, such means to communicate is now passé. From sign language using hands, facial expression, and whistling using the […]

Blue or Pink, Nothing to rethink

According to the United Nations, Sex ratio is defined as the number of males per 100 females. Sex Ratio of India is 108.176, i.e., 108.176 males per 100 females in 2020. It means that India has 924 females per 1000 males. In absolute terms, (according to India has 48.04% female population compare to 51.96% male […]

A Planned Murder

After that we went out for the meeting. The meeting lasted about 2 hours, when we came out of the meeting, Samrat told me that- “I want to stay alone for some time”. I said- “Is everything okay?” He said- “yes”. I said- “I will wait for you at home, come soon”. He went away […]

The Girl

I asked- “Is it this what you was writing right now”. He said- “The coffee was quite good”. After being silent for a while, he said that let’s go out. I said- “why”? He said- “I have something to talk about”. I said- “we can talk it here too”. He said- “come on”. After that […]


Abstract: In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, several governments in the world implemented lockdown aimed to flatten the curve. Crores of people In response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, several governments in the world implemented lockdown aimed to flatten the curve. Crores of people were commanded to stay locked at home. Speaking of India, […]

The Eggless Cake–A Sweet Delight of Vegetarian Communities

Be it any celebration occasion, cake is a must to have to make it a memorable one. And, if not a special occasion, cakes are a delight to lift up the mood, for a sweet bite, or just for the sugar craving. Pineapple cake, chocolate cake, vanilla sponge, lemon cream, carrot cake, walnut cake, chocolate […]

Cancer Strips Off Layers of Optimism from Life, But Giving Up is No Option

“Cancer is a deeply personal disease. It affects all of us – including me. We all have friends and family who have lived and sometimes died with this horrible disease. Cancer exerts a tremendous physical, emotional and financial strain on individuals, families, communities, health systems, and countries. Nearly every country has seen an increase in […]

Corona Virus : A lesson to mankind

O Corona! I am welcoming you without having a will Cause in our Culture, “Guest should be treated as God”. You are indeed a guest, Aren’t You?? If not, then who are You?? May be you have been created from a laboratory May be you have been created to show us humans your power May […]

The Pressure Cooker Rocks again – this time for Tandoori

All I had to start was some vague memory of a recipe, maybe which my mum used long back, not sure of the results either. No other medium to look up for a vegetarian cake recipe; Internet was a new thing, social channels didn’t exist, English reads not available, English-speaking community hardly any that I […]

An Unpleasant Day

It was around 7o’clock in the morning. As usual, the voice of the beautiful old song and the smell of cigars coming out from my friend Samrat Singh’s room. I was spreading water to the plant in the garden. After a while, I entered his room. I saw he was sitting in the balcony, writing […]

The Real Reason

My eminent friend Samrat asked me- “Did you find anything in that CCTV footage?” I said- “Yes”. Some bikers were going on that checkpoint continuously in past few days. Those people always stopped there for some time and then move ahead. Samrat asked me- “Who are they”. I said- “no one’s face was detected because […]

Forgiveness – The Endless Form of Love

Hurt is a state of feeling, undoubtedly we all have gone through. There are some broken strings of our life which take a strong pull out of us to tie it well again. Sometimes the hurt are really deep, when it is merely from your closed and loved ones like- parents, spouse or a very […]

The Crazy Way

I asked my friend “How do you know something is missing”. Naturally he replied “Its the corpse”. Piqued by curiosity “What do you think about the case ?” He continued “Its same as you” He quipped. “OK” (It was better to break my head into a stone then questioning my friend.)         […]

Anxiety: Fight It with Your Action

Do you ever find yourself tossing in your bed whole through the night without a single minute of sleep? Have you ever notice the increase rate of irritation over minute things? Do you ever feel yourself in a state of mind when you can’t help yourself from stop worrying about any particular thing? Do you […]

The Bikers

It was around 1:30 am. The darkness of moonless night scares the soul of human body. A roar of accelerator brokes the pin drop silence, they were about to break the traffic signal but stayed one step behind. They stopped there for a while, all boys were around 20 years of age groups. All were […]

In the fight of Plights of Consumerism, the SWaCH Cooperative a Ray of Hope

In times when urbanization and consumerism have led to unnecessary buy of consumer goods, most of which become obsolete very soon, their safe disposal is a big question for environmentalists, policy makers. For consumers too, space constraints and burden of unwanted things calls for stable ways to get rid of the waste! What next? On […]

One and Done

Almost all the couples who decide to have a single child face with multitude of questions, suggestions and a number of peoples’ glaring. The most taunting question is “When are you planning second child? Or why are you not planning second one? Or your kid wants a sibling and some even say you are so […]

When A Round Of Applause Becomes A Reward

It was mid of April, we, group of five ladies went for our training in Mysore, as we were the selected aspirants from Pune. To complete that particular training was a mandatory part of the selection process for the Job we had applied. It was our second day, when we were introduced with the documentary […]

My Dear Grandfather: I Will Always Miss You

It was a usual Sunday on 9th of June Busy with weekend stuffs with a pleasant tune My cousin was at our place, I served him “Poha” with a spoon The day started well with a clueless afternoon. I used to keep my phone always in ringing mode not to miss any call That day […]

Cooking Shooking

Everyone loves good food but not all may love cooking. I was one of them earlier. Cooking is a skill that should not be associated with any specific gender. But is it really so in our patriarchal Indian society? To be born as a girl in a middle-class Indian household means you should be proficient […]

You Call It Madness But I Call It Love

By shutting down all the windows of the room, Sadhna said with an irascible tone, “Day by day you are behaving like a kid. Don’t you know it’s so cold outside, it will worse your asthma. I need to take care of everything ,Right!!” She was murmuring more in a tedious way by sorting other […]

Yes I Am A Girl

It was May, doctor heard the first cry Congratulations!! “It’s a Girl”, He said That moment was precious that no one can buy Still there was a joy with a hidden dismay. My father was very happy and took me in his arms People around him greeted with no charm. “It’s a girl, It’s a […]

COVID-19: Damage to World Communities and the Road Ahead

Who knew while the world was jubilating for end of another calendar year 2019, and welcome the new year 2020, out there, in one of the wet-markets in the Wuhan province of China, the reason for a world-level crisis had taken off. COVID-19, as it is named for corona virus disease 2019, today, the disease […]

Vacay in Thailand, Cambodia

The beginning of the vacation is high spirits, upbeat mood, and reasons of happiness for ample family time – from the author Our sojourn in Bangkok – We arrived late at night at our air bnb after airport and visa on arrival formalities. The place in suburban Bangkok – a warm cozy extension of a […]

Live your Life in Colors

Colors signifies happiness, hope, joy, and zeal. Black is also a colour or, is it? More suitably, it is the absence of the same. I always use to think is black color is necessary in life. The black is associated with something ominous, unfortunate, and misery. Is it really so? Read on to see what […]


We all must have faced or embraced transition at some point of our life.Some we remember and others we forget. One of the most crucial phase in ones life is the transition from an independent job oriented girl to a caring homemaker. A girl who has never liked to do home chores and always aspired […]

Chatbots taking customer service by storm, here’s why

Chatbots to re-define customer engagement in times when businesses seek cutting-edge technologies to re-establish ‘customer is king’. Underpinned by Artificial Intelligence, with an easy to use interface, the design and experience of chatbots to create new frontiers for customer satisfaction. Bridging gaps of human limitations, chatbots feature next-generation intelligence – a big leap from its […]

Cloud-based Access Control – Key for Businesses Treading for Security in the Future

In the digital age, among a slew of sensible technologies, the key less door protection system is enticing. For obvious reasons of simplifying entry to the door. And for owners, the technology provides safety, convenience, property, and peace of mind all bundled up. Serving this, sensible locks have ever since seeing speedy adoption because the […]

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