Reality & Suspicion The Girl Web Series

A Confusing Factor

When we reached the morgue, I saw the police was already there. I asked Samrat- “police is already here then why would we came here?” He said- “to do the same which police is doing”. I said- “why would the police ask us to investigate?” He said with a great smile- “you will know it soon Dr.” I said- “do not quench it, say clearly”.                                              

He said- “come I will tell you”. As we were going inside the morgue, I saw a constable coming towards us with gloves in hand. He gave us gloves and told- “the corpse is kept in the left side of the door and senior inspector Tiwari is waiting for us”. Samrat told me- “Dr. have you seen anything, the Police invited us to investigate this case by themselves”. I said- “it’s impressive, but how did this happen?” He replied- “after seeing the news of this murder, I had given a message to Tiwari to give me this case”, I asked- “why does Tiwari do the same as you say?” He said- “Now see the corpse, I’ll answer your questions later on”. I said- “okay”. When we reaches towards the corpse, I saw Inspector Tiwari joined hands with him and said- “now you have to handle this”. Samrat said- “Thank you Tiwari Ji, after checking this corpse, I will hand over it to your constable”. Inspector Tiwari said him- “both of these constables will remain the same when your work is done tell them”. After that he left there. I tried to ask Samrat again, but he again defied me by saying he first solves this case and then talk about something else.

                                                     After that we started checking the corpse. After some time Samrat told me- “this girl was not a drug addict”. I said- “how do you know? According to the Autopsy report, the death was caused by the overdose of drug”. He told me- “look at his hands carefully, if she was a drug addiction, then there would be more marks of niddle on her hands, and the skin of his hands would also be a little hard. But there is nothing like this, which means that she was not a drug addict”. I said- “then who gave her drugs and why? He said- “there is a bigger question, those who gave drugs to her, from where did they bring drugs? I said- “let’s meet the family of this girl and find out something about her”. He told- “Dr. You first find out what type of drugs was given to her and then meet her family members”. I said- “let’s go”. He said- “maybe you not heard properly, I just told you to go”. I said- “why?” He said- “I am going somewhere else to know something else. I asked- “where?” But he left without saying anything.

Its too difficult to know whats going inside the mind of “Samrat Singh”

                                                                                          To be continued……………………….

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