Blue or Pink, Nothing to rethink

I am a Girl

Not a burden of whirl

Just like others

Want to have feathers

To soar high with success

I can be your beacon

You be my Lighthouse

To fuel my Rocket

To come out from the dark socket

Let me prove my mettle

Neither leave you unsettled

Nor let you get rattled

You lay your trust

I will never allow your faith to rust

I will glow

May be slow

But one day

You will blow

With my charming flow

Set no bar

Treat me at par

Path may be rough

But I am tough

According to the United Nations, Sex ratio is defined as the number of males per 100 females. Sex Ratio of India is 108.176, i.e., 108.176 males per 100 females in 2020. It means that India has 924 females per 1000 males. In absolute terms, (according to India has 48.04% female population compare to 51.96% male population. 

In most of the Indian families ,especially those residing in rural and semi urban the birth of a boy is celebrated with much more fervor and festivity as compared to a girl. There are many underlying reasons for this. The most important ones which I will deal today are economic, social and psychological.

I wish to share the data pertaining to this biasness.A study was published in the journal Lancet Global Health which states that there is an average of 239,000 excess death of each year of girls under the age of five owing to neglect due to gender discrimination.( may 15 ,2018). Numbers are particularly higher in northern states of UP, Bihar, MP, Rajasthan.

Ohh.. what others will say!

A tradition is still quite prevalent that when someone is expecting, the oldies in the home or neighbourhood will predict the chances of a boy or a girl depending on the belly structure, food choices and charm of face. If they foresee it to be a boy, they will instantly speak out or else just guess their silence. The silence is enough to signify that something unwanted is about to come. They try to infuse a sense of shame that who will run the legacy and be the heir. They are adamant to overlook that a girl is equally efficient to earn and spread the name and fame of the family.

  • According to ( around 14% of total entrepreneurs in India are women. And they are coming from all walks and phases of life be it higher, middle or lower income groups of families. Most of us must have heard about renowned business women like

Vandana Luthra( The founder of VLCC) , Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (The founder of Biocon Limited) Priya Paul (The chairperson of Park Hotel) ,Ritu Kumar ( The Fashion designer) etc. I have just mentioned few out of many.

We need to trust them and give them opportunity. Literacy and economic independence will give a platform to walk hands in hand with male counterparts.


Dowry or Worry

 The other reason is dowry needed for their marriage. The day when a girl is born, the family starts to ponder the huge amount of money they are required to save for their marriage in the name of dowry. They are ready to make investment in this so called dowry scheme which has no guarantee of any return but quite unwilling to spend it on their education and career viability of their daughters. This happens mostly with low and middle income strata of society. So their first preference goes for a boy baby as they think that they will earn money and support the family and will not need any dowry for their marriage.

 A very common notion is ingrained in their mind that the daughters are “Paraya Dhan”. Fortunate are those who have never heard or experienced this. Girls can in no way less than supporting and helping their family when needed. In fact they are much more caring and loving. A culture should be nurtured in every home where the girls should be motivated to be financially independent and say a strict no to any form of dowry. And the same applies to the boys also. They should equally participate in this change.

A campaign was launched in year 2015 by our honorable PM of India in the name of “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao “with a initial funding of Rs 100 cr to aware the people for celebrating the birth of a girl child and aiding their education. Another scheme in the same line was launched in the name of Sukanya Samriddhi Account” to fund the future education and marriage expenses for their female child.

Safety – The most crucial

The crime against women has been on rise since decades along with other general crimes. Every family of a girl child is concerned for their safety. This takes a heavy toll on underprivileged, lower and middle income groups when it comes to permit them for higher education or job availability in places other than their natives. One of the very fundamental ways to make them physically strong

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