Reality & Suspicion The Girl

A Planned Murder

After that we went out for the meeting. The meeting lasted about 2 hours, when we came out of the meeting, Samrat told me that- “I want to stay alone for some time”. I said- “Is everything okay?” He said- “yes”. I said- “I will wait for you at home, come soon”. He went away without saying anything. Shortly, when I reached home, he texted me, don’t wait for me. I will meet you tomorrow. I just called him to know the reason, but he didn’t responded my call. I was quite worried, I was thinking about him again and again and wondered what happened with him, what was he hiding from me. While thinking about all this thing and waiting for his call or message, I fell asleep while sitting on my chair. In the morning when the eye opened, I saw that he hasn’t come so far. I tried to call him frequent times, but his phone was coming switched off. Then suddenly the doorbell rang, I opened the door and saw Samrat was there. I asked him where you are all night and why you wasn’t picking up my phone. Like always, he didn’t answer any of my questions and went to his room. I said in anger- “You didn’t care about anyone”, you just think of yourself. After a while, he came out of the room holding a cigar in his hand and told me- “where is the newspaper”. I said angrily to him- “It is on the table”. He started reading newspapers without saying anything. Suddenly he gave me a voice saying- “Where is that memory card?” I asked- “what happened?” He said- “the girl who gave us this memory card was dead”. I asked- “How do you know?” He said me by giving the newspaper- “watch this”. After that, he told me- “Dr. this is a Murder”. I replied- “I think so”. He said- “we are investigating this case”. I replied- “how can we take such kind of case unless someone give it to us. He said- “remember Dr. This girl herself gave us the case before she died”. I said- “give me a cigar”. He gave it to me and said- “are you coming with me or not”. I said- “only on one condition, if you tell me why are you so disturbed and where you was last night?” He said- “okay but not now, now we are getting late”. I asked- “where will we go”. He said- “to the morgue”. I said- “okay let me keep some instruments together”. Then we left for the morgue.

As usual, my friend “Samrat Singh” feel very happy when he got a new case. 

To be continued………………………………

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