Reality & Suspicion The Girl Web Series

The Girl

I asked- “Is it this what you was writing right now”. He said- “The coffee was quite good”. After being silent for a while, he said that let’s go out. I said- “why”? He said- “I have something to talk about”. I said- “we can talk it here too”. He said- “come on”. After that we came out and I saw that he was stopping the cab. I said- “Maybe you are forgotten that we have our own car”. He said- “I really didn’t know”. I said- “It’s worthless to talk to you”. He opened the door of the cab with a smile and said- “step in Dr.”, after that we reached a restaurant. As usual, he points me at his favourite table and went himself somewhere else. After some time, when he came back, he asked me, you did not ordered anything till now? I said- “leave the order, you just tell me where the hell you are lost again and again? Is everything okay? As usual, he ignored my words. He told the waiter- “As usual, bring a plate of chicken biryani for me and a plate of  Veg biryani and paneer chilli for my friend Dr. Anand and a bottle of my favourite drink. I said- “if the order has been given, will you tell me why we came here?” He said- “I had a strong desire to eat biryani, that’s why we came here”. I said- “If you remember, we came here just for a talk”. He said- “Would you like to take tea, it’s very good here?                                                  

                              I said- “change your behaviour”. After that we had lunch and went out from there. He said- “Let’s have a walk”. I said- “as you wish”. After that we started walking. Then suddenly a girl came running towards us and collided with us and said- “Please help me, I am in trouble”. We asked- “what’s the matter”. She gave a box in the hands of Samrat and went from there by screaming- “help me, help me”. We thought, who she was and why she need our help. Then we moved on. That box was still in the hands of Samrat but he didn’t opened it nor he said a word about it. I thought he was upset, so he was walking peacefully. After walking for some time, we took the cab and went to the office. As soon as we reached the office, he told me- “what would be in this box”. When he asked me this questions, I was very happy because from past few hours, he was very quiet due to which I was feeling very strange. I said- “let’s open it”. When we open the box, there was a memory card. He said- “Let’s check it Dr. what’s in it”. When I checked it, I came to know that there was a recording in it. But the recording was not as clear that we could recognize anything. Then Samrat told me- “We are getting late for the meeting. We will think about it later”. I do not know why still it seemed that Samrat is upset and he is hiding something from me.

After all what is the thing that is being disturbing my friend Samrat Singh from inside 

                                                                                    To be continued………………………….

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