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Challenge for Human Life in 2020: COVID-19 Pandemic with a Devastating Recession

An invisible microorganism can create such a dreadful scenario all across the world is quite hard to believe. Butwith the passage of time, when we all come to know the fact of living life with this virus, we have to be more vigilant. Now, the point is: carefulness is not restricted to our lifestyle only but to make a living also.

The coronavirus pandemic has ensnared the whole world in a catastrophic recession. The fears are really growing every day and the downturn is predicted to be longlasting. Such kind of paused economy for an extended period with people locked in their homes has never practically done before.Due to this uncertain lockdown, the global economy has already declined and is expected to be even sharper. In this alarming situation we cannot sit just idle and wait for the worse to happen. We have to ignite our thought process and invest our brain on polishing our skills which will further help us earning.

During this time of economic cyclone, we just can’t blame the recession, it won’t help us. The recession is no doubt a tough period, no matter how much money one has. Saving accounts can give us a temporary sustainment, not an earning. So, recession is not in our control. Following are some points to focus on what we can control and we should do to come up with a solution:

  • How we are thinking about the recession
  • What we can do in this period of recession
  • The strenuous efforts we are doing and the shots we are taking in revitalizing our skills
  • Focusing in developing your interaction way to generate certain opportunities

See, sometimes with the flow of work we are unable to mark our weak areas. So, in this time we have to grab this period as an opportunity to brush up every possible field where you think you should stand better. It is the time to work on yourselves and have to quit complaining.

Now let’s focus on the things which you should do in this economic storm:

  • Stop Complaining — In this crucial period where things are uncertain in large scale, complaining will not fix the problem. We should pay attention in the matter deeper and stop complaining on social media.
  • You only will save yourself, nobody else will — Support from employer and government is temporary. Only your hard work and effort with your running work will help you to face the sudden threats. It is the time to dedicate bit more and create a backup.
  • Skew out of your own track– There is a saying: To achieve something big, we have to come out of our comfort zone. Apply this formula in this time of epidemic. When things are not working well, it’s better to change your goal and aspirations with time in hand; in short change your career path to wade through difficult waters.
  • Don’t go for any shortcuts– Don’t try to make quick bucks. Things like gambling, speculation, investing in old stocks are something which may strike in such worrisome situation. But always use your brain in a right way. Don’t let yourself fall down. Always try to find alternatives by thinking in a right direction.

So, dear readers, the solution to survive in this recession is to believe in your hidden potential and unlock your imagination. Always remember, nothing is bigger than a will power. Your imagination and sincerity can create new possibilities. You never know what you can come up with. May be in this period of lockdown and recession you can find a new version of yourself–deep down which you always wanted to be.

Take a notepad, write down all what you dream of, all what excites you, all what you want to do. Live your imagination because this is the only thing which can save you from this pandemic and recession as well.

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  1. A good reminder to sort out our lives. Its amazing how many new doors open up when the previous ones close. Course correction and undoing all the previous mistakes, that’s my take away from this whole “opportunity”


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