Corona Virus : A lesson to mankind

O Corona! I am welcoming you without having a will

Cause in our Culture, “Guest should be treated as God”.

You are indeed a guest, Aren’t You??

If not, then who are You??

May be you have been created from a laboratory

May be you have been created to show us humans your power

May be you have appeared to give a warning to this unkind world

But without God’s wish, your birth is impossible

The secret of your birth lies with God’s hidden will only

Like Leech, you have enlarged your kingdom with wink of eyes, not slowly

Because of you, the whole Earth is badly terrified

And the whole world is dreadfully suffering from your sudden attack.

O Corona! Your massive spread seems like a joke in the beginning

Later, you make everyone realize the spread of an alarming danger

O Corona! Please tell the truth, who has given you the potential of becoming so powerful

Do you come up with a message from God to the mankind?

From last three months, the picture of whole Earth is changed

Everything is changed by its appearance, aspects, glory and emergence

There is nothing remain same as before, you have snatched the freedom with your presence

You make us realize the feeling of house arrest and opens the gate of life’s other essence

There are no more news on gang rape of a girl child or fights between brothers for land

No news on wars between countries neither the news of any riots or robbery

From television to newspaper headlines, only your talk is there

You have developed another perspective in human’s mind which will last as a memory.

Years and years ago, what saints used to teach and told us to practice

Now with your arrival the entire humankind is following and obeying with all tactics

Knowledge of Self-control, patience, self-dependent, was vanished from our mind

You make us realize our first duty and to change with open eyes not as a blind.

“Clean environment and cleanliness”, What Gandhi Ji used to teach during his whole life

“Be kind and do your own work”, What Buddha used to say during his life span

Because of you, all these things are developing in people’s mind

You taught us: shortage of time is just an excuse—if we want we have ample of time for everything

Now, the whole human trait is coming forward to feed the helpless birds and animals

Now, the whole world has seen decline in pollution due to lockdown

Because of you, the Ozone layer depletion is checked, which is a major threat to the future

You have come for a purpose, we all felt and realized.

Thank You for showing us the right path for our coming generations

Thank You for creating new technologies to survive the livelihood

But we all know, every guest has to leave: a guest’s stay is not permanent

O Corona! Allow us to start a new mode of living our lives, Please go back, lest it will be too late.

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