Reality & Suspicion The Girl Web Series

An Unpleasant Day

It was around 7o’clock in the morning. As usual, the voice of the beautiful old song and the smell of cigars coming out from my friend Samrat Singh’s room. I was spreading water to the plant in the garden. After a while, I entered his room. I saw he was sitting in the balcony, writing something in his dairy. I asked- “if you got a new case, you can share it with me…” He just ignored my words and said- “I want a cup of coffee”. I went out in anger…  after a while he gave me a voice and said- “bring two cups of coffee please” I said- “why do you want two cups of coffee because it’s not your habit…” He replied- “just bring it please” In a while, I came back with two cups of coffee. I saw the cigar was flaming but he was not smoking, the ashes of the cigar was falling on the ground instead of the ash-tray. I thought he was in his sad memories. He told me to sit. I replied- “I will sit whether you ask or not” After I sat there, he gave his dairy in my hand…. There was something written in with pencil……

aaj ki raat teri yaad me fir so nhi paya mai

tere chhor jane ka gam bhula nhi paya mai

koi or na chhor jaye ish dar se aaj bhi nhi sota hu

bs tujhe yaad karke saari raat rota hu..

kisi ke chhor jane ka khauf kyu bar bar satati hai

jab bhi aankhe band karta hu ek chhoti si bund aansu ki bahar aati hai

tere jane ka gam kyu itna satati hai

hm itne bhi karib na the jitna ye duri tadpati hai

aaj ki raat teri yaad me fir so nhi paya mai…….
Its too difficult to understand my friend “Samrat Singh”

                                                                                      To be continued……………………

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