Reality & Suspicion The Traffic Constable Web Series

The Real Reason

My eminent friend Samrat asked me- “Did you find anything in that CCTV footage?” I said- “Yes”. Some bikers were going on that checkpoint continuously in past few days. Those people always stopped there for some time and then move ahead. Samrat asked me- “Who are they”. I said- “no one’s face was detected because they wore a helmet but the style of riding the bikes shows that they were college students and their age would be around 20 years. Another thing is that the number plate of one of the bike was displayed in that footage. When I investigated further about the number of that bike, I came to know that the bike was of theft. Suddenly he told me Oh, this is the matter. I said what happened now? He said the case is solved Dr. I said- “When and how?” He said- “let’s hang outside”. After that both of us left. I asked- “where we are going”. He replied- “keep going”. After walking some distance, I looked at him, then he said- “I went to constable’s house. I asked- “when?” he replied- “at afternoon when I left the crime scene over to you” I asked- “But why?” He said- “the constable’s phone was dropped on that checkpoint, when I checked it, then I found that Constable make a call to his wife about 30 minutes before he died and when we interrogated his wife, she didn’t said anything about that call”. Then I thought that the reason of his death was hidden in his house. And then I moved to his house and saw that there was no one inside. I opened the window and entered in and searched the entire house. 

I said- “so what would you find there”. He replied- “his financial status is very week”. His family member want to show this suicide as murder to claim the insurance of the constable. I said- “how did you say that” he replied- “According to the constable’s house and their neighbours the constable’s relation was not so good with his family. And the condition of the house was also not right. He was completely lonely and he doesn’t have that much money to full fill the desire of his family which his family always expecting from him by watching others. Due to of that bike gang, He was taking this painkiller. I said- “but it doesn’t proved that this was a suicide”. He said, “If you take any medicines, you know about its effect as well as the side effect, and how to eat the medicine, when to eat, what is not to eat after taking medication. Similarly, the constable was also knew that if he take this medicine along with alcohol then he will die”. And the most awkward thing I heard from his wife talking to the agent in which she was saying that she would get rid of this insurance money anyway. All these words mean that he did this by own and then he called his wife and told everything about the insurance so that she did not have any problem in getting money and she could live her life happily.

Then he said- “Call Commissioner Sir and tell him the case was solved”. I saw Samrat has become quite emotional. I told him to fix his mood- “still you are checking in someone’s house without having their permission”. He laughs and moved ahead.

                          In this way, my friend, Samrat Singh, solved 15th case of his Detective career

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