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Forgiveness – The Endless Form of Love

Hurt is a state of feeling, undoubtedly we all have gone through. There are some broken strings of our life which take a strong pull out of us to tie it well again. Sometimes the hurt are really deep, when it is merely from your closed and loved ones like- parents, spouse or a very closed friend. When our trust gets betrayed or when we are the victims of some crime or we are harshly bullied, we suffered from a grievous hurt. 

Solely we only know, when our inner world is badly disrupted, its difficult to concentrate on anything other than our pain or turmoil. When we hold on to hurt, we are emotionally and cognitively hobbled, and our relationships suffer.

Telling you from my own experience, forgiveness is the only and strong medicine for this. Forgiveness is a practice of letting go the grudges and bitterness from you for others. When life hits us hard, there is nothing as effective as forgiveness for healing deep wounds. 

Many of us live with the misconception of what exactly forgiveness is and why should we forgive. Even though some may want to forgive but then wonder whether or not they truly can. Forgiveness does not necessarily come easily; but it is possible for many of us to achieve with the willing to put in the effort. 

The act that hurt or offended you might always be with you, but forgiveness can lessen its grip on you and help free you from the control of the person who harmed you. Forgiveness can even lead to the feelings of understanding, empathy and compassion for the one who hurt you. By embracing forgiveness, most importantly, you can embrace peace, joy, hope and gratitude. This gradually helps you to build a sound mental health and hence, a better version of you.

“The weak can never forgive. 

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” — Mahatma Gandhi

This particular saying always motivates me to choose to be strong. There exists an undefined level of happiness on being strong. Always recognize the value of forgiveness and how it will improve your life. Then only you can able to allow your mind towards the way of forgiveness. We should learn to forgive others and move on, not for their betterment, but for our own inner peace.

Everyone wants to lead a happy and beautiful life. But life itself has lots of challenges in every phase. It will always put you on a roller-coaster of positive and negative thoughts. So, it is only you who decide to live it with negative thoughts or fill it with abundant power of love that even negativity fears to approach you.

Do remember — “Forgiveness is the fragrance that flowers give when they are crushed.” Never kill yourselves with the feelings of hurt rather live with a gentle smile by forgiving and spreading love.


  1. Thank you so much Anshika for giving a beautiful note to my blog. It’s a complete pleasure knowing about the my blog has been nominated by your website for the sunshine Blogger Award. Will definitely try my best to come up with some good insights further.


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