Reality & Suspicion The Traffic Constable Web Series

The Crazy Way

I asked my friend “How do you know something is missing”.

Naturally he replied “Its the corpse”.

Piqued by curiosity “What do you think about the case ?”

He continued “Its same as you” He quipped.

“OK” (It was better to break my head into a stone then questioning my friend.)

                   Meanwhile, We reached the place were the corpse was found first. Without taking much time, he urged me to get the CCTV footage. He left the crime scene after asking me to meet him in our office in an hour. I asked him where he was going and he brutally replied-“just do as i said”.

When I reached our office, I found a note on the table with an address. I know i had to reach there soon.

It is fairly tough to find out what my friend is up to, even more difficult to decode his thoughts………….

I took my car and moved to the place where he called me. On reaching there, I found him enjoying his coffee. With a smile on his face, he handed over me an envelope and said- “you are 15 minutes late Dr.” When I open the envelope, I found a forensic report of that constable. I said in anger “Are you crazy?” He said- “why do you think so?” I said that you have just summoned me here to see these reports. He looked at me with great love and said sit down and tell me what do you like to have? Man, you’re absolutely crazy (i lost my patience) I think you need a psychiatrist. He started laughing. Then he told me, read the report Dr. When I saw the report, I was surprised to find that the constable was died due to drinking alcohol and codeine (painkiller) together. Then my brilliant friend Samrat told me- “there was not any injury on his body, then why was he taking this damn painkiller?”

Still there something is missing Dr.

To be continued………………

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