Reality & Suspicion The Traffic Constable Web Series

The Bikers

It was around 1:30 am. The darkness of moonless night scares the soul of human body. A roar of accelerator brokes the pin drop silence, they were about to break the traffic signal but stayed one step behind. They stopped there for a while, all boys were around 20 years of age groups. All were wearing a classy helmet and were on costly sports bikes.

They stayed there for a while, had some discussions and again accelerated their bike with the speed of sound.

28th February 2016 was about 11:45 in the morning. As always, my friend Samrat Singh was sitting in his office with newspaper in his hand and a cigar in his mouth. Suddenly, the phone rang, just as my friend used to do, he didn’t pick any of his call in a single ring, he ignored this call too and then he got the call again. This time the call got answered- “Hello” and kept quiet….. after being silent for a while, he said- “okay but let me see is this able to give me thrill or not”. Then he asked me to go for a cup of tea at commissioner’s office, I said- “what happened!!!” He replied- “yes or no”. When we sat in the cab for getting to commissioner’s office, he told me that theirs a case of the death of a traffic constable and the commissioner wants us to investigate this case because the Constable’s family thinks that the constable has been murdered. When we reached the commissioner’s office, we came to know that the constable was on duty at night and his body were founded on the same place in the morning where he was on duty. After talking to the Commissioner and Family of Constable, we moved for the morgue to see the corpse. After seeing the corpse, my friend started talking to the corpse, Yes, my friend can talk to the corpse along with the persons, actually some years ago, he was a professor of psychology at a government college. After talking to the corpse, he told me “Dr. Anand please look the body and give forensic explanation”. Then I saw the corpse and said that according to me, it has been poisoned. We have to send the corpse to forensic for post-mortem, then we will find the actual reason for death. After that I called the Ambulance and sent the corpse to the forensic Lab and we were moving to the place where the Constable’s duty was. While going there, Samrat told me that “this is not a murder”. It is a planned suicide but he didn’t do this by own, this was caused by any other reason or by someone else, but what is the reason?

Something is missing Dr., Something is missing.

As always, my friend has a different theory………………….

                                                                                To be continued………………..

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