Fictional Story Story

When A Round Of Applause Becomes A Reward

It was mid of April, we, group of five ladies went for our training in Mysore, as we were the selected aspirants from Pune. To complete that particular training was a mandatory part of the selection process for the Job we had applied. It was our second day, when we were introduced with the documentary part of the Company Norms and later the course of syllabus we need to complete within this one month of training. Two nights went well, completely unaware of the hidden fact behind this holy training. On the very next morning, during the session, we came to know that there would be a test we need to clear in the end of the training, then only we could get our offer letter. If in two chances we failed to clear it, then we would lose our Job. That news dragged all our dreams into a bin, as we planned our stay to enjoy those days in the huge Campus, which not only had the hill high buildings carved with glasses, but also the whole premises were loaded with the staggering beauty of nature and amazing Food Courts.

The training had every single components to measure your skills in every perspective. Right from the aptitude part to an every day’s extempore speech, from writing part to performing in a team etc. Things were getting more harder to execute as days went on. Being an average student throughout my career, I was trying my best in every field still having fear on my head. As soon I recognized my weak areas, I started work on it in extra hours after the classes. Every aspirant present out there was my competition, but I couldn’t let this opportunity go off simply. There was a challenge I was facing every day, some classes poured me with confidence to excel and some felt me low. There is a saying, “When you are sad, think about good memories”. I applied this “mantra” day before the final examination. I used to be a performer in every curricular activities held in my school & college days, I recalled all my achievements starting from my first prize in calligraphy to the best presentation in the final year of my graduation. And believe me it worked out.

It was past noon, when we were waiting for the results to come. That time I realized no matter how old you are, the fear psychology always remains the same. Literally, my palms were at minus degree, putting my head on my crossed palms, taking sip of water quite often, remaining still some time , looking at watch once a minute as if it stopped, those every possible symptoms were common in everyone’s face. Suddenly, there was a voice came from a distance, “Hello everyone, Follow me”, with a posture of hand signifies calling all of us, He is our Trainer. We all rushed towards him as if to catch a running train. The heart was started beating tremendously wild like tsunami came over an ocean. When the trainer was keep taking names, I crossed my fingers , looking downwards, and taking God’s name don’t know how fast, and suddenly, I heard my name along with twenty others yet out of hundreds. My heart remained almost silent for a moment, when he finally took a pause & said “You all are passed”. The waves of happiness run into my veins when the entire hall was resonated with applause. I was frozen for a while, the images of each single steps starting from the first day of the interview till that date, ran before me, the struggle of being a married woman, still chasing for my dreams, altogether brought some extreme emotions, and some tears rolled down my face which I couldn’t hold. Feeling of that particular moment still brings me goosebumps. Passed candidates were posted to their respective regions, three of us cleared it. I learnt a lot through the whole training and was thinking of applying it in my new working environment. 

I joined my dream Company with full of enthusiasm. The floor was consisted of hundreds of people. The very first day I introduced myself to everyone, then a tall man greeted me and gave me five questions of aptitude to solve. I was asking myself, “Again test??”, anyhow I solved all those and submitted to him. Later, I came to know, the score of that mini test helped him to assign me to the team I was appropriate for. Next day, I got a great team to work with and a good trainer to make me understand the work culture. It was taking me time to inculcate with all the theories behind the project. Apart from going through the new work challenges, One more hurdle came in front of me was the shift timing. Our culture was running according to the Netherlands timing. It took two months to make me set with the new journey I was heading on. One day there was an announcement on the floor for power point presentation to be done by each team within a week. I was very new to the project, so not expecting for the participation. But my whole team insisted my name, and finally I said “Yes”. It was quite difficult for me to focus on practice for PPT with the every day’s existing work. With the decision of my whole team, I had taken the opening and conclusion part. We started to come early for practice, which helped us to focus more and make our presentation better than others. I had no count of days during past week, forgetting everything, even what to eat, what to wear next day to office etc., which was our prior topics I used to discuss with my husband after work. Now I made him the audience and started delivering my parts every night after dinner. Each day with some new changes, I was keep modifying my part of delivery day by day and the week passed away. 

The day of performance came, other teams were doing magnificently great. Watching their performances, my team members again and again telling me start properly and mostly end it with good notes to touch everyone’s emotions. I was confident but at that time of pressure feeling very nervous. Now it was our turn, I have started well with a high welcomed pitch, and the respective parts of the PPT was done very effectively by each of our team members. Everything went well according to our planning. Now, I was again came ahead to conclude. There was a pin drop of silence, till then everyone was attentively listening to my words. Just after my last word “Thank You”, I stepped back. For a moment, that silence prolonged. We thought we were not up to the mark. Then there began a rhythmic continuous applause from low to high. And it sustained quite long, completely unpredictable response. I was thrilled with the effect of claps and was still in shock. Everyone started approaching towards me, shook hands with me, some girls hugged me, some patted my back, our team lead was very impressed with my performance. Everyone’s faces were overwhelming. I have never felt such level of satisfaction with any of my work so far yet in my life what that day A round of applause gave me. 

The reason behind sharing this incident with you people is, never miss any chance of learning beyond your ages and values. You never know which part of learning played a great role in your path of success and gave you a reward of recognition. For me Lifelong learners lead a great society filled with self improvement and motivation. What else a beautiful life would be??

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