My Dear Grandfather: I Will Always Miss You

It was a usual Sunday on 9th of June

Busy with weekend stuffs with a pleasant tune

My cousin was at our place, I served him “Poha” with a spoon

The day started well with a clueless afternoon.

I used to keep my phone always in ringing mode not to miss any call

That day it was silent and I had eight missed calls

Suddenly a call came to my cousin’s phone with a dismal tone

Husband fasten his feet towards bedroom with his cell phone.

Unaware of the matter behind the calls, I focused in preparing food

Still I could feel the vibe of a constant uncommon brood

In a while husband rushed towards me telling, “Talk to Papa”

With “Hello Papa”, his trembling and weeping voice said, “We lost our Grandpa”.

God is watching everything, I felt it so true that day

Despite being always emotional, I stood firm with my father in every possible way

Even though I got strength from the Almighty but emotions were hard to control

Wiping up my tears away I could not stop myself to make a video call.

Tears streamed down my face when I saw him in that way

I bowed my head with folded hands then with flooded eyes I made a pray

Staying away in such moments was really poignant as I could not make a pace   

Nothing more but deep inside I knew his soul would soon be in a happier place.

Dear Grandpa, You were a good listener, good storyteller and a special friend

Even though having your first grandchild as a girl, you had never let go my dreams got bend

Your stories of struggle and success inspired me all through when I was down

Lessons from you always helped me to keep the zeal on until you get your crown.  

Nonetheless, you were a man with huge heart and gentle personality

The love you had shared always I will preserve as a morality

As a unique treasure, I will conserve all the precious memories with you

Grandpa, All I could say is I will always miss you.

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