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Cooking Shooking

Everyone loves good food but not all may love cooking. I was one of them earlier. Cooking is a skill that should not be associated with any specific gender. But is it really so in our patriarchal Indian society?

image is use to describe the meaning of blog and its also shows the sound raising against patriarchal.

To be born as a girl in a middle-class Indian household means you should be proficient in cooking and all household work.

As a child I always fought with my mom when she told me instead of my brother to bring even a glass of water for any visitor.  I still remember that I never helped her in any household chores as I thought why should only girl be assigned to do this. My mother being fed up of all this, segregated the duties in both of us. I have always been rebellious since my childhood especially in those subjects that did not seem at all logical to me.

This argument or food for discussion is just not limited to my family or me but this is for everyone who associate a girl’s value with her cooking skills. Gaining expertise in cooking is not at all bad. But then, everyone should be equally treated in this matter. There is no pinpointing when a boy doesn’t know this. But a girl is bound to attract lots of criticism when she lacks this . This is considered as a grave mistake especially after marriage.

image is use to show the frustation of  a girl who is forced to cook

Delicious cuisines can bring all the accolades for the new bride. We also heresay few comments that only your parents has given you education and didn’t teach you any cooking. Such kind of remark is so painful to hear.

In present times, women are no way less than men in any field. Then why is this disparity?

Anyone can learn fundamentals of cooking if one desires so. Food is utmost important for all living beings and so everyone should know, though it is not at all necessary to gain competence in this. Knowing the knack of it will only boost your confidence and will make you independent.

So please stop distinguishing this with any particular gender. This should be the culture in each household to impart this know how to boys and girls invariably. One should not demean a girl if she doesn’t know it. She can easily learn it if she wants and needs.

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