Love Story Story

You Call It Madness But I Call It Love

By shutting down all the windows of the room, Sadhna said with an irascible tone, “Day by day you are behaving like a kid. Don’t you know it’s so cold outside, it will worse your asthma. I need to take care of everything ,Right!!” She was murmuring more in a tedious way by sorting other things in the room. Sudheer, Sadhna’s husband, an old gentleman, tall and fair, very soft spoken, approaching 75 , still with a fit body, just woke up and sat on the bed. While getting warming up for the day, he said,” It was such a pleasant weather outside, without enjoying it you have started giving lessons to me. ” Before he could say more, Sadhna came and wrap him with a woolen shawl and said with a firm voice,”It’s really very cold.” Sudheer held the shawl properly and set according to his comfort and said, “Thank You!! My Mrs.”

Sadhna is petite and vivacious of late 50’s, with long hairs which she used to put into a beautiful big bun, very particular and loving in nature, resides with his husband, son and daughter-in-law. It was quarter past 5, after taking her morning bath, she entered into the room. Sudheer spoke with an unpleasant tone” I really can’t understand you so far. In this chilling weather what is the need of taking shower so early?? One side, you are taking care of me and on the other you are allowing yourself to fall ill.” Sadhna with a low voice,” I told you yesterday, that I need to go temple for Shiva Darshan.” Sudheer, by clearing his throat, “Yeah! I forgot. Fine, tell me one thing, before you went to temple for my service goals, for your son’s academics, job and all. But now for what purpose you are putting so many efforts to butter Lord Shiva ?? Let him sleep too, why are you troubling him so early??” She giggled a bit and replied, “You will never understand me. So, don’t try even.” 

She put her eyes over the wall clock, it was 6 o’clock. She rushed into the kitchen, as she knew it will take one more hour for her daughter-in-law to wake up. She knew in winters her husband used to take tea or coffee in odd times too. She came back with a plate containing two biscuits, a cup of coffee and a tablet, which he needs to take in the morning. This is the beauty of a married life, mostly wives knew every single likes and needs of their husbands and somehow husbands also learned to make their wives happy with their deeds. Sudheer makes him comfortable with the chair by holding the newspaper. Before setting the newspaper to read, Sadhna came with his glasses and put them over his eyes and said, ” What is going wrong with you?? You know you can’t read a single word without your glasses, then how can be so childish.” By passing over the plate to him, she asked, “Anyways, yesterday night you had a pain in your left feet. How is it today??” While taking the first sip of the coffee, Sudheer replied, “You have magic in your hands. The coffee tastes great and I am feeling much better. But today the pain starts raising on my waist.” With a sudden and weird way, she replied, “Everyday there is a new problem. I am tired of doing all these, now my body is answering me too. Ask your son to keep a personal maid for you.” With this she left the room by adjusting the pleats of her saree. Sudheer remained silent and continued his reading. Before leaving the home by holding the “Pooja Thali” on her hand she turned back and said in a strict way, “Don’t take bath in cold water, I will make warm water for you after coming back from the temple.”

She went to temple with her friends and worshiped well. While returning back they came across a dead body of a women taken for rituals. People keep chanting” Ram naam satya hai…”. That lady belongs to their colony and died due to heart attack in midnight. As she died before his husband, friends of Sadhna started whispering, “She was so lucky, as she has covered with “Red Saree”, “Sindoor on her head”,”Aalta on her feet” just like a newly married woman. Living as a widow is not just mentally tough to carry but also it is more painful to lose your charm or beauty that you have.” With this they all rushed except Sadhna, to pick the coins and the puffed rice which had been thrown by the group of people carrying the body. They believe that by keeping this coin, luck will save them from being a widow. They all felt astonished by looking at Sadhna as she stood standstill with no craze to pick those. While asking Sadhna replied, “I cannot pick these coins, cause sometimes ago only I prayed to God for his long life.” Her friends replied back together, ” That we all did, but which women wants to be a widow.” Taking a pause Sadhna replied them with a heavy voice, “He is a person for whom an hour is tough to survive without me. Right from is wallet to handkerchief, his morning breakfast to night meal, his glasses to socks, even a glass of water is incomplete without me. So far now, I used to keep everything ready as per his choice and wish, just like a kid. I fear what will happen to him if I will die first.He can’t express much before anyone except me. I can’t leave him to be ignored or overlooked. Because I know no one can take of him better than me, not even my son. I don’t want to adhere any such luck which will take me away from him. I can bear the pain of being a widow, at least I can die with no worries in my mind.” Her friends remained dumbfounded after listening to her. Sadhna felt chocked with words and silently left them with teary eyes. She reached her home, and by seeing her in front of him Sudheer asked,”There were some sound of drums outside, was anybody asking for something?” With a quivery voice Sadhna replied, “No, no one is outside, just a vendor and I told him that I have no time for him as I have to put on the water heater for you.”

After came across this story, I simply left with nothing but a state of mind which is completely blank with thoughts. Being a married woman such thought never ever came to my mind not even once. In this era of taking pictures in portrait mode, we as a couple fight for not getting the picture as perfect as we wish. Getting upset when we are not getting gifts of our choice. With such things we are complaining that we don’t have a perfect life. Most of the times we are getting upset by blaming our destiny that he or she is not a perfect life partner. Still we are sharing pictures of happy faces of us in social media giving hashtags as “Happy Couple”, “Love of my Life” etc.  Actually we blur the main object of the life i.e “Us” and keep searching for real love. Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life “Love” gives us a fairy tale. For me, Sadhna’s story sets a different definition of Love . What is it for you?? 

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