Yes I Am A Girl

It was May, doctor heard the first cry

Congratulations!! “It’s a Girl”, He said

That moment was precious that no one can buy

Still there was a joy with a hidden dismay.

My father was very happy and took me in his arms

People around him greeted with no charm.

“It’s a girl, It’s a girl”, there was a whisper everywhere

That touch of love, affection and happiness comes from no where

Days went on and the little feet started wearing school shoes

It was her first step to begin with new moves,

Coming home being delighted by winning some fame

Where my mother hugged & expressed her love,

There people said, “These hands are for cooking, and it is the real game.”

A kid has always a numerous dreams

As because a Girl, don’t convince her by feeding ice-creams.

She wants to paint the canvas with her own colors,

Then why did you snatch her birthday crown

And suddenly explained the importance of wearing a bridal gown??

Yes you are a Girl, you should understand the responsibility & culture

Yes you are a Girl, you should be humble and careful before your image get ruptured

Yes you are a Girl, you should be someone’s spouse

Yes you are a Girl, you should make a building into house.

We all are proudly discussing about gender equality

But when it comes to act, 

We lose all our thoughts and opinions, even if we have plenty 

We all are talking about bringing change

But coming into this so called “Society’s Pressure”

Why we all act so strange??

If you don’t want to let her fly

Then don’t water her ambitious dreams 

That somehow would get to dry.

The world is progressing and the limit is sky

But the worm is in our own brain and there we need to qualify.

God creates Girls with a huge heart

It doesn’t not mean she has no heart.

Yes I am a Girl, I too need the love a Boy deserves

Yes I am a Girl, I too want to achieve all those goals a Boy meant for

Yes I am a Girl, I too will do all my duty as a Boy do

Yes I am a Girl,

And I don’t need Sympathy

Rather just a supportive hand to lead the Life with dignity. 

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