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Live your Life in Colors

Colors signifies happiness, hope, joy, and zeal. Black is also a colour or, is it? More suitably, it is the absence of the same. I always use to think is black color is necessary in life. The black is associated with something ominous, unfortunate, and misery. Is it really so? Read on to see what I feel…

Black and white are equally important in life as other hues. One may wonder why is that so.

Any kind of challenges in life is necessary as they bring the best out of you. Everyone in their life has once faced tough times when they were about to break , give up,  and think that life has no colours of joy, excitement, and liveliness. There would be times when we would have strongly felt that our destiny is black. We would end up in comparing ours with others saying ‘Oh! Wow! what a wonderful and colourful life he/she has got!’. In all this self-discussions and repentance, we forget that these very dark times make us strong and endow us with the fighting spirit.

Even Gods didn’t have perfect life. They also have their own journey painted and tainted with variety of colours including black. We don’t realise our strength or vulnerability until doom strikes. Some may rebound with greater force and undaunted spirit, while others may give up. Those who give up fail to realise that losing hope is never an option; fighting back should be the compulsion.

Everyone has bounty of courage in themselves .One only has to explore options during the times of misfortune. We have multiple stories of famous personalities–Premchand, J K Rowling , and Dhirubhai Ambani to name a few–who fought with all odds and came out with flying colours. So why can’t you? A number of people have a penchant for black–cars , clothes , watches and other stuffs of personal use in black–but when it comes to life we become hesitant and fragile, ready to break.

Muster all your courage to face the black phases of life and embrace these stepping stones of learnings and success.

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