Life Experiences Story


We all must have faced or embraced transition at some point of our life.Some we remember and others we forget. One of the most crucial phase in ones life is the transition from an independent job oriented girl to a caring homemaker. A girl who has never liked to do home chores and always aspired to be a corporate executive sacrificed everything for her kid and the harmony of her family without a second thought. She had never imagined in her remotest dream that those home chores which disinterested her earlier will be become a routine. Earlier she was ignorant of the basic cooking and now she has gained expertise in all this. Practice makes one learn anything if that person is willing to learn. The same happened with her.

Motherhood is a such a beautiful and precious blessing of God that a  mother can happily sacrifice anything for her kid. The love for her kid made her enjoy what she has never thought of. She hasn’t done anything supreme except the fact that she renounced her government employee tag which many aspire and long to have.Many people were surprised to know about quitting of the so called “government job”.Let me tell you any job private or government is equally tough and require full commitment and there is no escape for anyone even if the employee has a six months old baby. Acquaintances were impatient to know that when will she join her job. Few even suggested her to plan for the second child since she was jobless .This was indeed hilarious. But no one understood the reason for doing so and it seemed useless to make anyone to empathize with the situation. The fact that the sudden stoppage of earnings of one member has put tumultuous financial  burden on the other partner cannot be denied but then the mental peace and happiness to be with your child and see your child growing superseded all pains and sacrifices.

 She has witnessed both the phases of life and realised that both are equally challenging and has its own rewards and hardship. There is no need of any comparison or any repentance.It wont be justified if we give importance to one and demean the other. Life is the greatest teacher with its own valuable discourse. Her transition taught her so many wonderful facets of life  and motherhood simultaneously making her  perfect ,more  confident as well as strong headed.

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