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Chatbots taking customer service by storm, here’s why

Chatbots to re-define customer engagement in times when businesses seek cutting-edge technologies to re-establish ‘customer is king’. Underpinned by Artificial Intelligence, with an easy to use interface, the design and experience of chatbots to create new frontiers for customer satisfaction. Bridging gaps of human limitations, chatbots feature next-generation intelligence – a big leap from its closest counterpart, live chat.

Chatbots taking customer service by storm, here’s why

Chatbots have progressed from merely a buzzword.  For all good reasons of changing the landscape of customer communication and customer satisfaction. Consequently, the impact on business is enormous, and that too palpable. In 2019, as much as 81% companies look upon customer experience, either partially or fully, extended via well-designed customer experience strategy, to stay competitive – according to Gartner.

How did chatbots come to the surface when its closest counterpart live chat is at the acme of its glory? With high success outcome, live chat – if implemented successfully can help move visitor traverse the sales funnel faster. A key point in favor of live chat.

However, live chat carries risk too. Lack in required attention during live chat can lead to dissatisfied customer. High numbers of lack of desired customer engagement and customer satisfaction is the brunt live chat witness. This necessitated substitute at par customer engagement interface for the purpose.

What do Chatbots offer?

Chatbot has served to bridge human limitations, considerably. Experts opine, “chatbots feature next-generation intelligence, with demonstrated capabilities to impact everyday human functioning, and that too soon.”

What do Chatbots offer?

At their basic, in terms of technology, chatbot is a AI powered computer program that allows customers to interact with businesses via a chat interface. The interaction is carried out by means of a machine that swiftly translates customer queries into answers. Voila!

This is what basic chatbots offer.

Modern chatbots are leaps ahead. These can relate conversational data of visitor with their profile to customise the entire experience.

A step ahead, beyond predecessors, are new AI-driven chatbots. Owing to their design and underlying technology, they can be trained to provide assistance even for complex queries. 

What do Chatbots offer?

Regardless, chatbots can handle very large number of chats, provided the solution receives support of underlying AI mechanism to be scaled up. With proven high success outcome, chatbots serve to be exceptionally useful for customer queries that are simple and repetitive in nature. This leads to lure for chatbots.

Dating back to 1960s , when chatbots were first developed, journey of chatbots has been quite a roller-coaster. However, with AI increasingly taking the front seat to provide the base of every kind of B2C customer service, marketing, and sales pursuits, future of chatbots appears to be bright.

Furthermore, increasing acceptance of chatbots is underpinned by interface for the same provided by virtual assistants. Today, most chatbots serve via robust virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Featuring this, chatbots have received endorsement from world-class majors of entertainment and consumer goods to boost revenues and decrease operating costs. In a recently concluded The Chatbot & AI Conference in New York City, chatbot-based vertical solutions and industry-wide solutions were the focus of discussion. This includes, but is not limited to e-commerce, banking and finance, beauty, and entertainment business verticals, for customer service, sales, and HR solutions among others whatever chatbots are used for.

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